I think most people are utterly confused about the situation that seems to engulf the Labour Party. The fact that so many have been suspended for what seems to be a problem not confined to one rogue politician.

The claim that Ken Livingston made that Hitler somehow support Zionism is ludicrous. It is engrained in Jewish belief that they should return to the homeland of Israel a land that they believe was given to them but God. To say that Hitler was a part of this by enabling Jews to resettle to this area in the 1930s is wrong. He wanted them out of Germany not for religious reasons but for the fact that he thought Jews were the problem of the countries economic downturn.

What has astounded me in all of this is that others have made remarks about a certain religious groups making sweeping statements which clearly are wrong. All Jews are this and that. I thought we learned long ago that making such crass and uneducated remarks were confined to the dustbin of the 1970s. I am guessing now that there seems to be a nod towards conspiracy theories that are fuelled by people who have dubious motives or who like David Icke are clearly insane.


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