I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

Woody Allen

It’s been a strange year. 2016 has thrown us a myriad of people who have died; many that have been featured predominantly in the eye of the public. It comes as a shock as some we never ever thought of dying at such an early age.

One newspaper made the stupid observation that people don’t get as upset at the death of five hundred migrants in a boat that is only designed for a fraction of that number. Comparing our shock and disbelief at a celebrity death isn’t the same as a group of people losing their lives in a tragic accident.

We aren’t in anyway connected to those people. By this mean that for decades we haven’t come to know them or buy into something that they are providing. Prince has provided people with music and people make strong connections with it and sometimes it marks particular occasions in someone’s life.

We don’t know the life story of a migrant we can certainly understand the circumstances in which they have found themselves to in as they are forced to flee a land torn apart by war and terrorist atrocities. Someone with a caring spirit would show them compassion and allow them to make a better life away from the country they have left.

I wouldn’t expect other people to grieve for my mother who died just over four months ago. They didn’t know her as I did. They didn’t share in getting to know her in her final years. So chastising someone for a moment when we remember a pop star or a celebrity doesn’t mean that we automatically don’t care about migrant deaths.

Have a conversation with someone in the pub about immigration and people who want to move to the European Union. You will soon find out those who make sweeping statements about others and don’t show any human compassion to those who’s lives have been shattered by civil war.


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