Watching a documentary on Channel 5 about Philip Seymour Hoffman about the last few days of his life. There is no doubt in my mind and in the opinion of others that this was a man with exceptional talent. I remember first seeing him in a film called Patch Adams where he played along side Robin Williams as a person who was training to be a doctor.

The programme goes on to discuss the various addictions that he had and how he spent twenty years sober before have a relapse just before his death. Ultimately returning to those addictions caused him to lose life. A psychologist was explaining that someone who is struggling with these addictions won’t be very far from temptation and it will become almost a day-by-day moment-by-moment battle with these activities.

Alcohol is one of his addictions and moving from February from what people have experienced as a ‘Dry January’ where people are encouraged to give up drink for one month after the Christmas period. I have noticed particularly on twitter that some people have managed to do this and others have failed and given in after a few days into the new year.

I am into a period of abstinence and in my third week. I decided for the good of my physical and mental health that I have another alcohol hiatus. I have done it twice before for three month periods at a time. It’s helped me to focus more on life and given me the opportunity to look forward and backwards examining all parts of my journey.

I have explained to a lot of people when talking about this I have always said that it is too easy to pick up the bottle at the end of the day. Make excuses to ourselves that ‘we have earned this’ and it ‘is my time and I should be allowed to relax’. But somewhere under all of this we have forgotten the detrimental affect that alcohol has on the human body. If we abuse any substance whether it be alcohol tobacco or cocaine it will have a consequence.

I am trying to get some sort of healthy balance. Trying to be more active a lose weight. Trying to keep my mind healthy as well as I can while still treating my body as I should. But it isn’t easy. I don’t sleep well. I was awake till 5am this morning not being able to sleep and that doesn’t set you up for a brilliant day. So I will continue on my journey and keep you updated. Let’s hope 2016 is good for all of us.


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