Church Sanctioned For View On Gay Marriage

Church Sanction for view on Gay Marriage

This is a headline of an article written in Sky News website. When I read it’s contents even I was taken a back by the contents and the action taken by the primates meeting this week. Basically because of the way in which the Church of England (known as the Episcopal Church in USA) have conducted themselves in allowing those who are gay to work within the church and be ordained they have taken action against them by not allowing to part of any decision making or voting on issues within in the main body of the church for the next three years.

This is layman’s terms mean that the church in this country has cut off and distanced itself from the church in the USA. What good can come of this? What does the church seek to gain from taking such action rather than in engaging in dialogue with established church in USA?

Infighting, sorrow and hurt will be felt deeply by those who feel that the LGBTI are again treated as inferior. Even those who don’t consider themselves part of the group but have reached out to such people or supported those who have seen themselves called to work within the church will feel deeply saddened at such actions.

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