Over protective

I am constantly asking if some people are okay. I know it must do their heads in. I know I am ringing my aunt and uncle every time it rains to make sure that they are okay. It’s an imbalance. Looking after mum for so long has left a irritating habit. I remember crossing the road with some friends a few years ago and I was making sure they got across the road safety like a lollipop man.

I will try my best not to do this over the next few months. I know I have had to do this for such a long time and habits aren’t easy to shake. When you have been in a certain routine for such long time it can take time to adjust. I know this particularly around meal times each day I am thinking I must go to mums or about 6pm when I would go and prepare her for bed.

I know as a teacher I was constantly looking for health and safety concerns in around the school. If there was something that cause a pupil harm I would minimise it and make sure the correct people were aware. A couple of years ago in Tesco I stood next to a pool of orange juice that had split from a carton and I waiting till someone came along to clean it up. I had nearly slipped in the first place and I didn’t any one else getting hurt.

I will try my best not to ask questions but secretly spy on people. That way no one knows I am being a pain and others can relax.

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