Me, myself and Phil.

Introspection. Looking back and looking into yourself. You do this at times of loss. You look at your own life and take stock. Usually I asked myself “What the fuck am I am doing with my life?” I usually know what I am doing and where I am going to do when the planning of the future.

When it turns to 2016 I won’t have a clue. It will an open book. It could go in any direction. I know that in that time I am planning a holiday. Maybe I will visit my friend in Austria. Lovely place. Not that I have been to his new house which I believe in the middle of the country. Not in the old flat he had in Vienna which I visited many times.

First of all I will have to get a passport. I haven’t had a holiday in over 6 years and maybe I am due a little time of relaxation.

What will I do for work? I don’t know yet. When I first had an interview with the person at the job centre he said that they would be able to help in finding me work (I thought nice) and said that they would be able to give me any training that I might need. I had to stop him there and said I already had a degree and a PGCE so probably in a teensy teensy bit way I might not need help filling in an application for help for updating my CV. Although I did ask my Gregory to look over it about 8 months ago. How’s that coming along Gregory?

I would love to work for a charity or some organisation like the Woodland trust etc. I know that I will probably not be happy and end up in an office working with younger people and I they will point and laugh and say we have an oldy working with us.

I don’t know how easy it will be to get a job. Considering my age etc. I mean I have tonnes of experience in all walks off life but will they really want to hire someone like me? Or go for someone cheaper, younger and doesn’t make their mouth go or kick up a fuss if they think something is wrong.

So let’s see what 2016 hold. If you know if any decent jobs out there. Let me know.

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