A few years back I had some friends I won’t name them as that doesn’t make much difference to the content of this post. I thought they were friends. At the time they seemed to be good people and what you think is a good friendship somehow sours. Things are said and then the relationship you had with the people have gone.


It was in the  aftermath I realised that certain other people (who again I won’t name) didn’t treat or even speak to me and still don’t. I realised that the people involved had spoken those people and poisoned them against me. I know that over a length of time they would have made snide remarks like “He is no good for you …” “He is a negative person … Who has done nothing but caused us grief” Instead of looking at the big picture and realising that some people do make mistakes in life.

I will be the first one to admit that I am not a perfect person and I have made decisions that have been wrong and some that have cause others to be upset. But I have people who are still in my life who I consider my best friends who also have been a pain in the ass. They haven’t been perfect either but what what you do is stick by those people you love.

Over time the people who I don’t speak kept putting into the minds of others again and again of the bad things and making up facts which weren’t true at all. They might have been closer to the one who is doing the poisoning and will take these at face value.

This is how brain-washing really works. Drip drip of information which could be slightly exaggerated or distorted and then your view of other people and the world changes. You see things in shadows and believe some conspiracy theories. You think you have really found the truth out about life and now you are convinced yourself that you are in the correct path; a knowledgable path.

None more so has religion done this. If we were to take a step back and look at the actions for people who have done some heinous things in the name of religion and look at them with rational eyes we would astound ourselves.

My mother once had to nurse a patient who was dying. This person could have lived had they been given the correct blood transfusion at the time. But because they were from a Jehovah’s Witness family that they had refused the transfer of one humans blood to another as they had picked a particular verse in the bible where it says that mixing of the bloods was deemed to be sinful.

If you knew that one of your relatives could have been saved by the act of addition blood we wouldn’t hesitate to do it as it would be the right and humane thing to do. You wouldn’t sacrifice the life or certainly put in jeopardy the health of another human from a sentence of a books that was written thousands of years ago.

The people who carried out the Paris attacks on 14th November have not a rational view of the world. They have not got the same view of the billions of muslims around the world who would utterly condemn the acts of violence show to other human beings. Their minds have been poisoned by those who are believe that an actual physical jihad is needed. This is a distorted view of the world.

So as we remember those people who have been killed and those who mourn we must also remember that we are dealing with people who aren’t thinking rationally. They are looking for infamy and martyrdom to a God that in my mind does not exist. No rational or caring god or human being would order the slaughter of so many people.


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