Mental Health funding in UK

The amount of money that is spent on treating mental issues is crap. I am not going into the exact figures as I cannot be bothered to bore you with them. Let’s just say they are nowhere near the amount that is needed to treat a much bigger problem that is realised. If you want to know about the exact amount google it and then come back.

I was appalled to hear on the lunchtime news today that a man had to wait two years to get help and diagnosis with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) for something that occurred in his childhood. Two years of feeling helpless and suicidal. Believe me everyday of feeling like this I have experienced. It’s draining not just on yourself but it puts on an enormous stress on those loved ones who are living with someone with a mental illness.

Seriously what the fuck is going on? If we had people in A&E told they had to wait months and months for a broken leg we would kick up a fuss. Because often those with mental health issues do keep things to themselves and don’t want to seem as a burden or even as a person who is unstable. Particularly amongst men who don’t think it’s right that they should talk about their feelings. I always thought so far back as I can remember that this was bollocks.


Not only writing to MPs or local officials but talking about this issue with friends and others we know will help the issue of mental health funding be known. Treat it as an exercise in gossip the next time you think you are going to have a conversation with someone please mention the desperate need for mental health funding. Some day it could help you and save a life.

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