Over the years I have suffered on and off from insomnia. The inability to be able to get a decent nights sleep when you want and waking up in the morning feel fresh awake and reading for the day has eluded me for a few months now.

This morning it was after 6am by the time I got to sleep with catching a few hours before getting out of better and feeling like crap. Some nights I have been able to climb into bed no problem and with in 5-10 mins I have been asleep. Last night is becoming too frequent my mind is racing at that time. I feel exhausted and frustrated at the same time.

People alway give me advice as if it is going to be a magic wand that will cure the insomnia within minutes of me hearing their advice. Have you tried herbal tea? Yes but that means I will want to get up soon and go for a wee as I cannot sleep with a full bladder. What about getting out of bed and try reading a book. If I did that I would be up all night and wouldn’t have any sleep at all.

The past two occasions I have seen the GP about my depression they have both asked me independently how my sleep is. I have said awful and explained to them what I am saying to you now. No tablets to remedies just write the information down and sent on my way.

I avoid caffeine as much as possible at least eight or nine hours before I got to bed. I switch my main tv off about 10pm and listen to my relaxing and quiet music ready for my brain to wind down from the day. This list of do’s and don’t on the NHS website I follow everything they have suggested. I have blackout blinds at every window in the top part of my house.

Anyway it’s nearly 1am here in the UK now. I should try and get some sleep. Hopefully.



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