Growing up

I was driving back from mums last night and I always see kids and young people on the way back home. I was thinking to myself what it would be like to be eight or fifteen again. Remembering when I used to knock about on the estate where I grew up and thinking about going to school etc. Like many people I would love to have the knowledge and experience I have now when I was a teenager.


I would tell me teenage self to do certain things or spend time with certain people who I had nothing in common. The 80s for me was a great time. No internet. No mobile phones (well there were only a few and they were owned by the rich and privileged) There was no social networking and if you wanted to talk to a friend you picked up the landline or most likely go and see if they were coming out to play.

I feel sorry for young people and teenagers now. The thought of trying to get on the property ladder and owning your own home seems like a dream to aspire to and not just a matter of fact as it was when I bought my first house.

The pressures of having to look a certain way or have the latest clothes or shoes. It’s only really when you get into your twenties and thirties do you realise that none of that matters. The priorities change. Some will get married and some will have children.

What we really think is important as a teenagers don’t seem as pressing. I was always worried about making sure my trousers weren’t flares as flares in the 80s weren’t cool. It’s shame that there are some who go into adulthood and don’t leave those beliefs behind. You have to be thin if you are a woman and you have to have a swimmers body if you’re a man.

Dreadful programmes like The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore seem to preach that we have to have a fake tans to go with fake boobs and awful personalities. When we realise these that these ‘qualities’ don’t make a decent human being then we live for ourselves not what others think of us.


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