Britain First

Watching a documentary on Britain First that was on the BBC last night. Firstly it was interesting to the note that their tactics of direct confrontation of muslims in mosques. Rather an aggressive approach to something they claim is non-violent.

It was incorrect for them to say that Halal meat was anyway connected to funding of terrorist organisations. The claim that Zakat is a taxation which pays for violent extremists which is a 2.5% charitable donate that each much should pay in a similar way that tithing is used in the Christian religion.

The tactics that BF have used in the past is to get people to like various political statements on Facebook and show your support. Not knowing that these have come from people working and part of the Britain First movement.

They are another far right movement that base their policies on race and religion. Trying like the EDL at the beginning to shrug off their thuggish violence image to become a respectful organisation. As we saw in last night’s documentary they were far from respectful and certainly not shy in using force to get what they want.

Like other BNP type splinter groups I am sure BF will melt into obscurity where racism and intolerance belongs.


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