Seriously another gun shooting? Another mass killing. The only school shooting that I can remember was the one that happened in the the village of Dunblane. I was teaching at the time and the pupils had loads of questions and some of them were shocked and understandably worried about their safety. I explained that if anyone had tried to come into harm them then I would always put myself in the way as a teacher you have a responsibility to protect those in your care.

I am glad I do live in a country where gun crime is a rare occurrence. We certainly I have stricter guns laws for those who can and can’t access firearms legally. I know of a family who were also devastated by this in the county where I live. I used to teach some of them and it shocked me terribly when I found out.

I still think that talking about mental illnesses and discussing things that are troubling you in life will help. A lot of the stories we hear coming from America are committed by those who have harboured grudges or have had pent up emotion about something that has affected them sometime during their life.

Campaigning for funding for mental illness is so important. If people can get the right treatment at the time it’s going to save a lot of heartache and pain for those left behind. I am not saying all of these crimes are committed by the mentally ill and all the mentally ill aren’t violent people.



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