The internet is an amazing invention. At the touch of a button you can be transported into a virtual world or find out about something you never knew etc. I love looking at past photos or photos that people have taken while they have been holiday. The internet can help us connect with old friends and perhaps keep an eye on those we really don’t like.

Today I have been reading posts from a group which celebrates my home town. Chester-le-Street has been the place I have lived for a long time having moved her as a child in the mid-seventies. I do love the town and I have said before it has it’s faults like all places. It also has good points and that’s why I like living here. It was just sad to read that there had to be people who were arguing over the internet about how the group was run.

I make it my own personal policy that I do not argue over the internet. I talk to people and discuss things. That’s the limit. I am not into slagging matches of any kind. I hate people who troll others such as those who target celebrities and send ridiculous yet serious ‘death threats’ to those people they have a disagreement.

In a previous post I mentioned that the internet can be a dreadful place and it can. When you see the way that some people treat each other it becomes at times criminal.


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