Anxious times

I did write a small blog on social anxiety. I have been having conversations with people about anxious times. Anxiety is a normal reaction to something we perceive is a danger. It’s not a bad thing and we all have this built into our psyche. But when the anxiety becomes a problem and causes us harm that’s when it doesn’t help.

Over the past few years I hate mornings. The minute I wake I am anxious. I don’t know what the day is going entail. I used to HATE and I mean HATE when the postman called and items where passed through the letter box. Even when I was at someone else’s house and the letter box went I still became anxious thinking that some bad new would come through their doors as well.

Even making short journeys to pick up milk sometimes can leave me worse. I never ever used to be like this. The last time I mentioned this to the doctor he said ‘I’m going to give you something for the next couple of days … but I don’t want you coming back asking for another prescription.’ This now makes me reluctant to speak to the doctor. I am not going to put myself in a position where I am going to make things worse.

Even over the couple of days of writing this blog I have felt that my anxiety has got worse. Not because of the writing about it I hastened to add. I have looked back over the past few days and I try to find trigger points. I know that asking for something from someone that they do something is a big thing. I don’t want to ‘put people out or inconvenience them’. Even though I know that most people will be more than willing to help.


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