I have been amazed at the response of people towards the migrant crisis taking place across Europe. Interesting to see how some have responded with practical things like tents and sleeping bags for the those affected. As a nation I ask myself why are so many desperate to come to Europe and some to Britain.

I think that there is a simple answer. We are a good country. We aren’t a perfect one by all means and which one is? You are always going to get elements of society that make is bad for others and the authorities need the time and the resources to deal with such a thing.

During the Second World War lots of countries took people who were fleeing the war torn and occupied countries. It was seen as a duty to welcome those who had been forced to flee and had been driven from their own homes.

Sadly there are some who hold up the racist card. Hiding behind certain groups that say we shouldn’t be letting anyone into our country. It would be a security risk to do so. What these people don’t realise is the people who are intent on disrupting peace and bring terror to our nation don’t need a reason to come to our shores because they are most likely to be radicalised already in our country.

Certainly as a Humanist I firmly believe that there should be first and foremost compassion shown to those who are in need. Regardless of religion or belief the humane and decent response to the crisis is help those who have fled their country. There should be no discrimination of those of a certain religion by picking and choosing those people who we help.


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