Most Haunted

I have been a fan of the show for some time. A look to see if there is anything beyond the everyday occasions that some may consider the paranormal. I challenged myself to something like this if the opportunity ever arose. About six months it was advertised that they would be coming to Newcastle to explore the old Castle Keep which I had seen before on the show.

The first thing I noticed about Newcastle on a Saturday night was that there was no where to park. It seemed that everyone had seemed to come out to the city centre. I managed to drive through some new bus lanes that I didn’t know about and got completely confused with the new road system. I thought I knew Newcastle pretty well. I was wrong. That with the mix of crazy drunk people walking out in front of your car.

Most Haunted Logo

I was greeted by a big team of people who work for Most Haunted Experience which impressed me. I was on my own but I didn’t feel like I was. The one thing about these sort of things that make them better than others is the way in which they treat their guests. I thought they way they made sure you were okay and took time to talk to you.

We had a time firstly to talk to Karl and Stuart from the programme and put to them questions we might have about the night. This wasn’t a formal thing we got time to talk to them one to one. Something I found extremely good. I thought it perhaps it was one of those things that they might come to for the first hour and then leave. They stayed with us all through to the end and were part of the investigations.

Firstly we went into part of the castle and used a electromagnetic meter which detects changes in any electro-field. It was after this that I asked Karl Beatty how the device worked and if it could have been affected by anyone’s mobile or torch. It’s certainly didn’t respond to voice activation. The device did register some sort of movement and then nothing after we moved on.

We were invited to take part in other ways which we could encourage any paranormal activity top take place. I decided that I would observe. I couldn’t conclusively say that I saw anything or even felt anything that couldn’t be explained apart from what I would call parlour games.

The one thing that I had always wanted to do is spend time on my own and see if I could experience anything. I see those who are on television who seem to run away in the first minute if they start to get scared. I am happily to report that I spent away from others and in a place that was extremely dark and solitary. I didn’t feel scared and I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary that couldn’t be explained as outside influences. I wouldn’t have like to stay in the castle on my own but that it out of fear and nothing of the paranormal.

The night ended and I went home extremely tired. I thought I would give it a try and I did.


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