Like a lot of bands that start off Shawn is sixteen years old. He’s a nice lad with considerable talent. A lot of artists and musicians are out there looking for what break. They want to perform and make a living out of doing what they enjoy.

I used to play in a band and still occasionally play the two instruments I taught myself to play. Loved playing the guitar and it was great time.

So what’s the worry? The one thing I have noticed rather strangely that seems to be very current and I think has been fulled by the Internet and social media. All the people that were in the audience were teenage girls.

So I was asking myself is there an artist that is female and you only see teenage boys in the audience. I couldn’t think of anyone. If you know anyone let me know. So why is this?

Why is it that groups of females will collectively go and see teenage bands or individuals?  The One Direction phenomena has been testament to this. Girls bordering on the psychopathic just to get glimpse of one of them.

When Zayn left the band social media went into meltdown and videos of devasted girls mourning the loss of something ending in the same way as if someone had passed away.

We treat these girls with the fickleness that they show their idols when they eventually grow up and look at back their behaviour with embarrasment. To them now it is their world everything they know and want is before them. They can interact with their star. For a chance of a reply is to touch the hem of the garment. Somehow a miraculous connection has occurred and their life is radically changed.

I certainly think this has been magnified by social media such Twitter, Instagram and others. You can be kept informed of the persons whereabouts and what they doing within a second.

The differences between boys and girls in their teenage years couldn’t be more different. I am curious to why girls behave in this way. Please feel free to comment if you have and ideas


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