I am not an animal rights activist. I don’t hold an special affiliation to any clubs or societies. I am not a vegetarian either. What I do believe is that animals should have rights. The way they are bred and raised is an important aspect of this. I certainly would advocate that the life that the animal has should be stress free and from harm as it is reared. After all this animal is giving it’s life for your benefit.

I am sick and tired of hearing people who will refuse to acknowledge the methods in which animals are raised for our table. They would rather that it was packaged without any nasty bones in plain white wrapping so not to be reminded that what they are eating was actually a living thing.

It is a decent and civilised society that has systems in place to protect animals rights. Not merely treated as an inanimate object devoid of the ability to feel pain and distress.

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona to me is a example of how stupid human beings can be. Making scared animals run along enclosed streets chased by hundred of men seems to them some sort of novelty and even a supposed “religious rite”. This may have been the case decades ago but this occasion is nothing more that animal cruelty at it’s worst. If the animals were fluffy rabbits or cuddly kittens there would be an uproar. The image of the fierce bull ready to defend itself somehow negates our disgust and outrage. It seems as test of mans willingness to face such danger and therefore should be commended that they could face such a fierce opponent.

These men seek the adrenaline rush of the chase. I would suggest if this the case the men be chased by wild animals into some dark wooded area where they too can feel panic and anxiety.

The men get what they deserve. Serious injury or worse they cannot blame anyone else

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