I really like the 1940s. I have a passion for this era. I am extremely interested in the Second World War. This for me was one of the most interesting periods of British History. So much happened in this decade and it was certainly a turning point for Britain and how it is shaped today.

One of the things for me that defined this era was the spirit that pulled people together. The bombings of London and other cities in Britain during 1940 worried the government of the time. They thought that there would be a total collapse of morale and they thought that there would be mass panic and disorder. But the people of the time worked together to look after each other and carried on as normal.

When I see how people talk to each other now I am shocked. When someone is trying to do their job or someone is getting on with their daily life and they are treated badly it astounds me that people thinking this is acceptable. Politeness costs nothing. There is nothing wrong with arguing your case you just don’t need to resort to rudeness.

I am lucky to live in a street where my neighbours look out for each other. We speak and say hello. We wave at each other when we are driving past. I just hope that some time others can look at their behaviour and think about the freedom that we have and the sacrifice that others made for us to keep it.



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