Benefits Street

Well it didn’t take us too long to forget good-will to all men and peace on earth. If you haven’t seen “Benefit Street” it is an eye-opener.

The responses to this programme has been in my opinion staggering. From those who have called for the “gassing” of those who appeared to blaming the programme on Tory propaganda.

As a human being I was saddened by the programme because I am fully aware that people live like this. It isn’t something that has happened in the past decade. It’s a spiral of neglect, abuse and addiction. I taught in a school that was an area of low economic wealth. People did have a sense of community. But there were always going to be ones to played the system and you as well I know that you don’t have to be poor to take advantages of monetary handouts.

There has certainly been a lack of compassion from people who I have read commenting on various forms of social media. Instead of condemning those who have appeared so far in the programme why hasn’t someone commented on what the solution might in fact be? It’s certainly not about giving more money to either those who have or have not.

Encouraging education. Increased help for those with addictions and mental health issues. Helping those who live in these areas take pride in where they live. This is a start. I am know that there are a lot of people out there who work day in and day out with people with such problems.

Merely dismissing the people in the street as scum or blaming it on some sort of Tory propaganda exercise is ludicrous.

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