January Blues

So we have established that the England Cricket Team aren’t brilliant at the moment. That Evander Holyfield is an ignorant man. That bad weather only gets reported if it hits the south. Football remains a bit shit and Christmas and New Year fun seem to be a distant memory.

One thing that has rattle my ageing teeth is the governments plan to flatten ancient woodland and put up revolting new houses in their attempt to stem the problem of Britain’s chronic housing shortage. More people than ever are living on their own (like myself) the population has undoubtedly risen. But really it is necessary to build on ancient woodland?

The argument for this is “biodiversity offsetting” – planting more trees in replacement for those you have chopped down. But who cares about the irreplaceable habitat to Britain’s wildlife especially when there has been a concerted campaign over the past few years to encourage the wildlife back into our own gardens. According to 70’s screechy folk singer Joni Mitchell “We paved paradise and put up a parking lot”.

You only have to look at some of the major development that took place in the 1960’s to see what some town planner have done to destroy our cities.

Houses should be built in areas that are brownfield sites. I heard that the argument against that is some of areas needed cleaning up first. So for the sake of the profits of the investors and contractors it is cheaper to tear down woodland rather than making use of areas that are desperate for redevelopment.

I wonder if in a hundred years time the people will look at our generation and despair at the mismanagement of the country?


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