2013 – Where has the year gone?

You were thinking it to. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. I know I say this every year but it’s true. We had a lovely summer didn’t we? Or did we. I cannot remember. That seems a distant memory.

I am thinking about the past twelve months. Have I achieved that which I set out to do? Well if was to keep doing what I was doing the previous twelve months then yes. I don’t make any resolutions. I never do. You set yourself up for a fall and it’s psychologically damaging. Can you truly say that whole-heartedly you have ever kept a resolution for the full twelves months? Happy in the knowledge that you are pleased with the outcome?

I am pleased I managed to get in the garden a bit more. Although you wouldn’t thought so if you looked at it now. It looks like a wasteland. All that’s missing is an old sofa and a broken fridge.

What am I expecting from 2014? Well I could lose weight that’s a certainty. That’s it really. I expect I will keep going and make sure that people around me are okay. This year I have wrestled with the inner demons and I am sure that I will continue that battle.

I hope you (three people) have a good New Year and a Happy 2014!


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